Training & specialization in hip and knee replacement

Fellowship Training

After completing his training in orthopaedic surgery, Dr. Maratt spent an additional year of training focused exclusively on hip and knee replacement surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, NY .

During this additional year of training he gained experience in anterior approach hip replacement, complex joint replacements and revision joint replacement. He also gained experience in robot assisted hip and knee replacement, navigation for hip and knee replacement

Specialized in Hip and Knee Replacement

Dr. Maratt's practice is primarily focused on the management of hip and knee arthritis. By narrowing the scope of his practice, he chose to become an expert in the performance hip replacement and knee replacement surgery.

The Value of Specialization

It makes sense that surgeons that perform the same surgery frequently will have better outcomes and fewer complications than surgeons that only perform it occasionally. The entire team improves as they gain even more experience caring for patients undergoing the same surgery.

Several research studies have now confirmed this intuition. A recent review of these studies showed that increasing surgeon volume was associated with a shorter length of stay, lower costs, and lower dislocation rates. There was a trend toward fewer complications following surgeries by a high-volume surgeon.

Treatment Frequency Data from Healthgrades
Very high frequency of performing hip replacement. Dr. Maratt performs hip replacement more than 95% of his peers. High frequency of performing knee replacement. Dr. Maratt performs knee replacement more than 88% of his peers.

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