Robotics in Joint Replacement

How I became interested in technology and why I use robotics in joint replacement.

Joseph Maratt, MD | December 19, 2021

I was pretty young when my dad made me a deal. I had to learn how the video game I was playing worked, if I wanted to keep playing. When I look at technology today, what I see is the best in all of us coming together, to accomplish the impossible.

For me, computer science was the obvious choice in college. Then it was medical school, and then business school. I have always worked in the intersection of technology and healthcare.

Robotics in joint replacement made sense to me from the very first time I used it in 2013 while I was a Joint Replacement Fellow at Hospital for Special Surgery.

What appeals to me is that we can plan surgery on a 3-D model made from a CT scan, refine the plan using dynamic data during the procedure, make precise cuts with the help of a robotic arm and accurately place implants in the ideal position. It is personalized, precision medicine in orthopedics. I think would have seemed impossible even to the pioneering surgeons performing early joint replacements.

It is the kind of technology that will improve the lives of our patients.


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About Dr. Maratt

Dr. Joseph Maratt is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacement.


During this procedure, the damaged bone and cartilage of the knee is removed, and replaced with prosthetic implants.